Puff Panels

HICON PUF Panel is state-of-the-art Polyurethane panels. The key advantages of PUF (polyurethane panels) over conventional elastomeric and plastics it that, is stronger, tougher, more durable and even more versatile.

It's valued above the parts made with other conventional materials which often crack, break, tear, swell, deteriorate, and abrade. As a result, they can interrupt and slow down your business operation.

Multi-Use Insulated Panels The edge in Technology

The latest technology for producing Indoor & Outdoor multi-colour Insulated Rooms. The Main features are:

  • Large format Panels 
  • Various Material Combinations – PPGI, SS, Acrylic and FRP sheets
  • High Insulation – State of art equipment’s to ensure no air pockets
  • Kind of finish avilable – Matte, glossy, Grooved, plain, etc.
  • Environmental Friendly and non hazardous
  • High-speed production and easy to install
  • One stop shop – Design to Dispatch.
  • No visible gaps between two panels thus aesthetically valuable.
  • Metal / plastic cam locks are used for extra strength

Features and feature properties are repeated, combine both and make one.While the panels being versatile, economic, aesthetic and  waterproof, they are the end product of  world class and acclaimed German and Italian technology and machinery. The USP of this unique product in addition to excellent insulation is light weight, utility of economy and time. HICON PUF panels have Multi end application usage in telecom shelters, cold rooms, clean rooms, cold storage vans, chiller rooms, freezer rooms, high altitude habitats etc. It also assures the user of precision controlled temperature conditions.


Features & Properties

  • CFC free and hence environment friendly
  • High thermal efficiency /controlled temperature
  • Non-corrosive hygiene surface
  • Flexibility in size to suite requirements
  • Well-bounded lamination
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Floor loads as per customers specifications
  • High speed wind resistant
  • Re-locatable
  • Fire retardant (also available)
  • Fast delivery


As against conventional insulation material,Hicon panel systems combine a judicious mix of latest technology with economy and aesthetics. The USP of the product–sandwiched layer of rigid polyurethane between two pre-painted galvanized steel/aluminium or SS sheets. The excellent insulation is the end result of injecting rigid polyurethane under high pressure. Further, the tongue and groove arrangement built in the panels, facilitates for easy interlocking assembly and also dismantling.


With 97% closed cell content of urethane insulation, Hicon systems ensure excellent insulation efficiency, while preventing moisture absorption. In line with the end user requirement, aesthetics and sizes are customized with externals of the panel like–color coated galvanized steel, stainless steel or anodized aluminum. All the panels are coated with plastic guard film which is scratch resistant.


Hicon’s product offering practically covers every single service needs in PUF insulation panels and is a product of state of the art PUF insulated shelter systems, from world-class technology.




Temperature Range

80 to -50 degree Celsius


40 ±2Kg/m3 

Comprehensive Strength

2.1 Kg/cm2

Adhesion Strength

3 kg/cm2

Tensile Strength

4 kg/cm2

Thermal Conductivity

0.02 W/MK


Thickness (mm)






‘U’ value (w/m2k)













Compressive Strength @10% deformation

2.1 Kg/cm2

2.1 Kg/cm2

Tensile Strength

2.5 Kg/cm2

2.5 Kg/cm2

Bending Strength

3.0 Kg/cm2

3.0 Kg/cm2

Close Cell Content



Water Absorption

0.2% volume at 100% RH

0.2% volume at 100% RH

Shear Strength

2.5 Kg/cm2

2.5 Kg/cm2


CFC & HCFC Free rigid PUF as per is 12436 Standard

CFC & HCFC Free rigid PIR as per is 12436 Standard