CA Doors

A - Door leaf constructed with a core of 100mm insulation material, covered on both sides with polyester and finished all-round with Anodised Aluminium Profiles and is thermal bridge free.

B - Equipped with an aluminium drop/lift rail system.

C - 100% gas-tight due to unique inflatable profile system, even in case of any wall and floor distortions and irregularities.

D - Available in both Sliding and Hinged door.

E - Door available in manual operation. Large door dimensions are available on request. 

Construction - Doors available both in fire-resistant Polyisocyanurate (PIR) / Polyurethane (PU) insulation material. Door leaf is available in both PP / Polyester sheet.



  • Thickness door leaf  - 100mm.
  • R-value - Approx. 4.67(m2.K/W).
  • Framing - Anodised Aluminium Profiles, thermal break to prevent heat bridges.
  • Colour of door leaf -  Standard colour RAL 9002, Other colours also available as per customer requirement.
  • Sealing - Inflatable profiles ensure it is 100% gas-tight.
  • Door frame - Anodised Aluminium Profiles with a complete thermal break, fitting the wall.
  • Rail system - Anodised Aluminium drop / lift rail system type  with dust cap for horizontal sliding.
  • Operation - Manually operated (Horizontal).
  • Openers - Included inside and outside (Horizontal).
  • Escape window – Available on special request.