Overhead Sectional Doors

We are leading supplier of overhead sectional doors for industrial and commercial applications. Overhead section doors are available in both manual / automatic operations.

Type of lift systems: Normal lift, vertical lift, low lift systems 


Technical Specification – Overhead Sectional Door

Sr. No. Specifications  Hicon Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.
1 Door type Overhead Sectional Door
2 Clear Opening dimension (W) 3500 mm (max.)X (H) 5000 mm (max.)
3 Opening Direction Vertical, normal and low lift (As per available height)
4 Type of Mounting Standard
5 Door produced Based on which  certification Doors produced according to ISO 9000 or ISO 14000 certified.
6 Opening/Closing Speed 0.28 m/s
7 Door Material PPGI 
8 Panel Thickness 40mm
9 Panel colour RAL 9002 Powder coated
10 Emergency Operation by Disengagement rope manual
11 Operating Switch Up/Down Keypad + stop button
12 Broken cold bridge Section joints with broken cold bridges
13 Environmental Green Product Declaration as per ISO 14025 and EN 15804 Certification
14 Door sealant All door sealants made of EPDM rubber, temperature resistant ‐ 30/+70
15 Single Panel height All panels should be 545mm high
16 Panel Inside insulation material Insulation material to be CFC free polyurethane foam.
17 Panel Flame Retardent standard Flame retardant polyurethane foam 
18 Steel component Material All steel components to be electro galvanized
19 Hinge Material Glass fibre reinforced Polyamide
20 Spring Material surface finish Powder coated
21 Springs transport till plant Pre tensioned spring package
22 Water Penetration EN 12425 class 3
23 Air Permeability EN12426 class 3
24 Wind Load EN21424 class 3
25 Thermal Transittance EN 12428 1.10W /m2K
26 Bottom sealing Bottom of the door to be equipped with three lip sealing made of oil resistant EPDM  rubber
27 Door safety device 1 Doors equipped with spring break device
28 Door safety device 2 Door equipped with pneumatic safety edge
29 Door safety 3 Having hinges flush with the inside door surface is a safety feature that eliminates the  risk of things or people getting caught by parts protuding from a moving door
30 In case of Power failure Doors to be equipped with quick release fuction
31 Operator power conumption Operator to have a maximum power consumption of 0.37kW and a standby  consumption of Maximum 15W
32 Frequency converter Built in Frequency converter
33 Drive Unit & Mounting Type Single phase 230V direct drive on shaft