Dock Shelters

The dock shelters and seals of Hicon have an aesthetic design and are produced with high quality and durable materials. They are also easy to install and maintain.

Type of dock shelters: Collapsible dock shelter, Cushion dock shelter, Inflatable dock shelter


Technical Specifications ‐ Dock Shelter

Sr. No. Specifications  Hicon Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd
1 Door type Dock Shelter 
2 Clear Opening dimension Size:(W) 3450 mm x (H) 3400 mm 
3 Curtain colour Black
4 Parking Guides White, Yellow
5 Wall Fixings Concrete, Sandwich light Concrete, Load house cavity, insulated panel
6 Top & Side Curtaiins Double Layer High Quality Polyester
7 Thickness 3.0 mm
8 Weight Approx 3500 g/m2
9 Continous Roof Cover One layer high quality Polyester
10 Thickness 0.5 mm
11 Weight Approx 680 g/m2