High Speed Doors

Hicon High Speed Doors have received great attention from the customers due to their performance in India.

The main advantages of Hicon high speed door are durability, state-of-art technology, affordable, fast delivery, low maintenance, guarantee and service.

Our Hicon high speed doors are suitable for its installations in heavy traffic areas with fast opening and closing requirements. Beside the design and economic difference in Hicon products, being environment friendly makes our products preferential.


The door operates  by the combination of a geared motor up to 0.55kw and an electric control panel with inverter. This system regulate the motor’s speed when the canvas gets closer to the highest point and also to the lowest, reducing any vibration and giving a longer life to the set. The system provides a faster opening/closing when it rotates the canvas cylinder to open or to close the door. In the event of blackout, it is possible to declutch the motor and use the handle to open or to close the door. This motor works at 130rpm and its power inputs is 230v single phase. Its control panel is composed by protection and power components, as well as frequency inverter. 

Safety systems

The HIGH-SPEED door incorporates a new system: the wireless system safety curtain. This safety curtains operates during the closing, stopping the door and opening it detects an object. It is essential for the traffic of goods and persons through the premises, preventing any possible accident.