Display Glass Doors

HICON has developed wide range of display glass doors and sliding glass lid to perfectly fit the customer needs and help customer display material on shelves in a better way.   

“HICON” is the innovative leader in glass doors for reach-ins. Food retailers rely on our solutions for higher quality, low energy costs, exceptional product visibility and versatility in all ambient conditions. 

Our newly invented series has created a new benchmark in door efficiency. Engineered for outstanding performance at almost all indoor temperature and humidity levels, from normal to extreme. They’re also designed for maximum merchandising impact.

Upgrading existing equipment to Eco Vision Glass Doors offer food retailers a great opportunity to cut operating costs, reducing refrigeration energy use by up to 82% compared to traditional open multi-deck cases. Eco Vision’s advanced, no-heat frame and dual panel glass pack keep energy use low by design, and switching from fluorescent to Eco Shine LED lighting can provide even more savings.